Journey with Us

BAHLI was born 35,000 feet in the air, on a return flight to New York from the whimsical island of Bali. For the company’s founders, Bali was the quintessential travel destination, embodying style, luxury & sophistication in an artistic landscape. It was here the idea of a luxury handbag company was conceived, so it was only fit for the founders to pay homage.

The ‘h’ represents handbags, the company’s first product offering, and ‘Bali’, the place that impelled the endeavor.

Bahli inspires a global movement of fashion-influencers to indulge in quality luxury lifestyle accessories that tell a story. Each piece is inspired by world travel. Each color drawn from elements found in exotic locations around the globe.


For Bahli, this story can only be told using the best in class leather or textile artisans, the highest quality materials, & effortlessly elegant designs. For the Positano inspired handbag collections, Bahli partnered with Italian leather manufacturers with over 70 years industry experience. With their expertise & shared obsession with quality, Bahli delivers handmade, one-of-a-kind leather handbags that undoubtedly earn the Made in Italy label.

For you, The Modern Woman or Man, Bahli is an expression, an experience and journey – come join us.